Door Entry System Installation Sheffield

Door Entry System Installation Sheffield

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Door Entry System Installation Specialist Sheffield is a Family run Business specifying in Door Entry Systems, Access Control and CCTV Based in Sheffield but covering East Sussex, Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Also, we fit new systems, modernise current and fix broken, from a handset to a full video entry system.


Notably, our services include –

  • Free no-obligation Quotations and Advice.
  • Maintain existing systems.
  • We are servicing all kinds of door entry & safety systems.
  • Service contracts – please phone for a quote.


Standalone Access Control

Door Entry System Installation Specialist Sheffield offers a straightforward & reasonable way to control safety at your premises. Missing or unreturned tokens can be prevented, hence saving time and expenses on new keys, and switching locks.  Further, Door Entry System Installation Specialist Sheffield can be keypad or proximity, with the information of the device stored within the entry units recall make standalone access control more reasonable when used with few users and doors controlled.


Networked Access Control

Computer-based access control is simple to use and program from your desktop PC or laptop. Networked access control lets for higher programming and tasks. Such as:


  • Record Time & Attendance
  • Timed variable gain access to which can be changed for every user
  • Zones to separate users from having free movement through all areas to restricted areas.
  • Networked systems are usually cheaper to stay operational when there are more substantial numbers of users. Also, guests can be given tokens that terminate daily or at a specific time.


Door Entry System Installation Specialist Sheffield offers a variety of distinct lock types to fit every application. Also, we recommend to fail-safe and fail-secure padlocks for Interior & Exterior locking:


  • Maglock / Electromagnetic Lock / Magnetic Lock – extend a fail-safe electronic lock
  • Strike Locks offer a neat & clean resolution to electronic locking
  • Shear Lock / Magnetic Shear Lock – Offers extra safety by incorporating pins into the lock housing, creating the shear point.
  • Electric Bolt Lock / Electric Dead Bolt- frequently used locks making them consistent with many applications


Access Credentials

Door Entry System Installation Specialist Sheffield offers a variety of various credentials – tokens, cards, keypads & Intercoms to monitor changes within your building to legitimate or unauthorised persons/staff:


Proximity Readers:

  • Access Keycards
  • Also, Access Watchprox
  • Access Keyfobs / Tokens



  • Specific codes available for each user
  • A cost-effective managing system
  • Biometrics – high security with a personal touch


Call Door Entry System Installation Sheffield Specialists

Door Entry System Installation Specialists will present you with free of charge quotes, estimations, and assessment. Further, we will present the best Burglar Alarm Servicing to make sure your alarm conform with your security policy. Yet also, to make sure it is operating efficiently. Call Door entry system installer Sheffield today at 07868 809 849 or 0800 470 3778; we look forward to hearing from you.


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