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Professionally installed door entry systems and access control with completely secured parts and labour, services available throughout Leicester and beyond. Door entry system Installation Leicester secure door entry admittance systems are seen all over Leicester, from apartment blocks to the tenements. Mainly, we offer a cost-effective solution for gatekeeping and monitoring the individuals demanding access to your home, close or business. Further, there are various kinds of secure door entry, and each made to fit particular needs, you can find out more about the advantages of a safe system here, or contact us to discuss your options and how we can assist you to decide.

Moreover, our fitters concentrate on keeping and restoring both the gain access to control panel and individual administrators behind doors. Therefore, this involves onsite renovations and complete replacement with our selected, reliable handsets.


Our Services

Common difficulties with intercoms are typically down to defective handsets, and we’re well ready for finding the trouble and installing it on the spot, ensuring your costs are down and getting you up and operating as fast as possible.


  • Door Entry System Installation
  • Refurbishing / Replacement Units
  • Secure Entry Removal and Replacement
  • All year Maintenance and Repairs
  • Buzzer and handset Repair
  • FOB Programming and Replacement
  • Collective Buzzer Repairs
  • New Handset Installs
  • Safe Entry Locks
  • Walkout Plate Installs


Access Control

When a certificate is submitted to a reader, the reader sends the credential’s info, usually a number, to a control panel, a highly dependable processor. The control panel equates the credential’s number to an access control list, permits or rejects the submitted application, and sends a contract log to a database.

Further, when access is rejected based on the access control list, the door stays locked. If there is a game between the credential and the access control list, the control panel conducts a transmit that in turn opens the door. The control panel also disregards a door open signal to avoid an alarm. Often the reader offers feedback, such as a flickering red LED for an access denied, and a blinking green LED for access given, and all calls are logged for later use (if necessary), giving you full control. All the information you need should unwelcome guests targeting your grounds.


Call Door Entry System Installation Leicester Specialists

By calling Door entry system Installation Leicester, you will be keeping your loved ones, home and possessions safe, you will feel secure in your home or business.

Please contact Door entry system Installation Leicester for extra information on protecting your house and having a door entry system installed at a low price in the full of Leicester.  Also, are a local company,  with an excellent brand image of consistency and honesty. Door entry system Installer Leicester would be grateful for the chance to protect your home and provide this at a low cost. Call Door entry system installer today at 07868 809 849 or 0800 470 3778.



Central Leicester has two primary shopping “malls” – Highcross Leicester and the Haymarket Shopping Centre: – The Haymarket Shopping Centre was opened on the site in 1974 and was the first to be built in the city, with parking for up to 500 cars on several levels, two levels of shopping with bus station, and it is also the site of the Haymarket Theatre. – Highcross Leicester opened in 2008 after work to redevelop “The Shires Centre” was completed at the cost of £350 million (creating 120 stores, 15 restaurants, a cinema, 110,000 m2 of shopping space).

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