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It is essential to have a professional, trusted firm fit your Door entry system to ensure it is working efficiently and will carry out its job correctly. Also, our systems are all competitive prices, to ensure you get the best deal, and the highest value for money. Mainly, we have over 25 years of experience in installing door entry systems for both commercial and domestic clients throughout the Glasgow area. Importantly, Door Entry System Installation Specialists are the most reputable company n ten areas and would be thrilled to help you today.


Your Smartphone Is Your Key

Mobile phones are almost universal in today’s digital society, with 77 per cent of UK adults having a smartphone. Internationally, 2.71 billion people use smartphones – roughly a third of the whole world’s population.

Further, Mobile essential machinery makes it simpler for a hotel, casino, or select domestic properties to handle guest needs. Notably, this can increase visitor happiness. Further, Keyless entry, when merged with mobile check-in, offers guests the ability to miss the various desk and go straight to their visitor rooms, which lowers tension at check-in times and front desk. Overall, Mobile Door entry has so many benefits for your guest or home, mainly the biggest one being convenience. Door Entry System Installation Specialists will assist you with all of your smartphone door entry needs today.


Biometric Access Control

The new concept of smart devices in biometrics for access control improves building safety, internal telecommunications, and worker supervision, at a substantially smaller overall price of ownership than previous biometric systems for critical access control. Also, whether being used to gain access to a house, safeguard confined locations within, or for time and crowd management, biometric authentication technology has come a long way. Also, a few years ago, the debate near biometrics was focused on whether biometrics were correct and could manage more significant people, among many other operating issues. Today, these cases are closed: the emphasis now is on improving the value linked with precise and reliable biometric authentication.


Time & Attendance Systems

Time & Attendance system is the latest-day clocking in/out system. Further, Electronic readers allow workers to use any a card or tag, portable or biometrics such as identification or the flags of their eyes, to enter the arrival, break down and leave times.

Further, our Time and Attendance schemes can save you time and cash by mechanising the calculation of presence hours, overtime, holidays and provide the organisation of absences (all exportable to payroll in minutes) and brings indication in proof of compliance within operational time regulations by monitoring staff hours.


Credential Access Control

One of the highly commonly used means of offering access control is using a certificate with unique encoding, often in the shape of a contactless card or ‘fob’. These systems extend anything from a single door system just the way across to multi-door, multi-site systems adept of overseeing thousands of personnel.

Call Door Entry System Installation Glasgow Specialists

Door Entry System Installation Specialists will offer you with free of charge quotes, estimates and assessment. Further, we will offer the best Burglar Alarm Servicing to make sure your alarm conforms with your protection policy. Yet also, to make sure it is functioning effectively. Call Door entry system installer today at 07868 809 849 or 0800 470 3778; we look forward to hearing from you.


Glasgow football

Glasgow was the first city (since joined by Liverpool in 1985, Madrid in 1986, 2014, 2016 and 2018, Milan in 1994 and London in 2019) to have had two football teams in European finals in the same season in 1967, Celtic competed in the European Cup final with rivals Rangers competing in the Cup Winners’ Cup final. Rangers were the first football club from the United Kingdom to reach a European final, doing so in 1961. They have also won more domestic top-tier league titles than any other football club in the world (currently 54). Further, Celtic was the first non-Latin club to win the European Cup, under the management of Jock Stein in 1967, before Manchester United the following year.

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