Door Entry System Installation Cardiff

Door Entry System Installation Cardiff

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Door Entry System Installation Cardiff design and install highly dependable, robust, and cost-effective safety systems to meet a variety of safety needs and goals. First, when it comes to safety system installation, our skilled team are experts in Door entry, CCTV, video intercom and video door systems, access control, and safety alarm installation.


Phone And Video Door Entry Systems

Video door entry systems are an ever more common safety feature and are frequently used in blocks of flats and other private homes. They are also found in other regions where entry needs to be limited, but a complete access control system is not suitable, for instance, in hospital wards.


Importantly, Door Entry System Installation Cardiff has been fitting, preserving, and refurbishing quality door entry systems for more than 25 years. Mainly in all types of premises and every sort of design. Also, we are long-established certified installers of Comelit intercoms, Urmet and BPT intercoms, leading manufacturers of safety door entry systems.


Entrance panels

Door Entry System Installation Cardiff entrance panels extend a variety of events and finishes to fit any installation. Also, it allows a range of purposes to be shared with the finish of your selection.

Further, whatever the needs of your project, entrance panels present the functionality you require. From basic audio door entry to wide-angled cameras with night and day vision.


  • Door lock release tasks – with keypad or with crucial card
  • Appropriate for use with hearing aids (via T selector)
  • Simple to use for visually impaired individual thanks to speech synthesis
  • Wide view – horizontal 135°, vertical 96°
  • User-friendly for wheelchair users
  • Night and day camera – Sharp, beautiful images even in limited light conditions, thanks to IR LEDs


Factors to Consider

When fitting automatic gates or barriers, think about the following:


  • The opening size of the gate will be a deciding factor in the kind of gate
  • Accessibility of space on any side of the gate
  • Speed of opening and closing of the gate needed
  • Weather conditions -severe hot or cold temperatures, high winds, or severe snow or ice will ascertain the type of gate

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Call Door Entry System Installation Cardiff for more expert info on safeguarding your house or business. Further, Door Entry System Installer Cardiff is a local company and have been working in Cardiff for years. Our brand name is admirable and loyal to all our locals.  Finally, we would be grateful for the chance to make sure your house business is safe and give this at a price you will not want to overlook. Call Door entry system installer today at 07868 809 849 or 0800 470 3778.

Cardiff History

Archaeological evidence from sites in and around Cardiff: the St Lythans burial chamber near Wenvoe, (approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) to the west of Cardiff city centre); the Tinkinswood burial chamber, near St. Nicholas (about 6 miles (9.7 km) west of Cardiff city centre), the Cae’rarfau Chambered Tomb, Creigiau (about 6 miles (9.7 km) northwest of Cardiff city centre) and the Gwern y Cleppa Long Barrow, near Coedkernew, Newport (about 8 miles (13 km) northeast of Cardiff city centre), all show that people had settled in the area by at least around 6000 BC, during the early Neolithic; about 1,500 years before either Stonehenge or the Great Pyramid of Giza was completed.


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