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Door entry system Installation Aberdeen is here to safeguard you, your house, business, family and employees. Mainly, we can do this with our sophisticated door Entry Systems, and an array of other security measures.

Regardless of the benefits of living in the digital age, there are also drawbacks. Indeed, the lawbreakers are developing into a quicker group, using new devices to break into your home and business. Therefore, protecting your property has never been more challenging. But our door systems give you that extra layer of security.


Fast and efficient service

If you would like to fit an intercom system or door entry system for your home, you have come to the correct place. Door entry system Installation Aberdeen can install the system you need at a low price. Intercom and door entry systems are an efficient way of limiting access to authorised individuals to your house or business.

Further, our systems variety from slimline aluminium panels to tailored stainless steel or brass units – designed to suit your requirements and your pocket.

Moreover, our systems can be constructed with fob readers offering better security than key-operated systems. Using fobs will let access to people that you TRUST; no one can copy a fob without your understanding.


Single occupancy

Ideal for persons who are a little less mobile, we can deliver and install systems to assist and detect and allow access to guests without you having to get to the door. Ideal if you’re upstairs and the front door is downstairs.


Multiple occupancies

Our systems can be constructed around your requirements; whether you want to use a key or a fob, we can do it. From two flats to a hundred and two, we have a resolution for you.


Repairs and upgrades

Door entry system Installer Aberdeen can repair & upgrade most systems including Elvox, Urmet, Farfisa, Bell, Fermax, Terraneo, Comlit, Videx, GDX, Acet, BPT, Entrotec and many others.

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Why Choose Door Entry System Installation Aberdeen Specialists

  • Affordable services
  • Repair and maintenance
  • A vast range of brands and models
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Intercom system installation
  • Door entry system installation
  • Tailored security

Call Door Entry System Installation Aberdeen Specialists

Call Door Entry System Installation Specialist for more qualified information on protecting your home and supplying you with excellent Door systems.  Further, we are a local firm, been working in Edinburgh for many years. Crucially, our image is excellent and reliable for all our residents and customers.  Overall, we would love the opportunity to make sure your home is safe and sound and offer this at a cost-effective price. Call us on 07868 809 849 or 0800 470 3778.



During the Wars of the Three Kingdoms of 1644 to 1647, the city was plundered by both sides. In 1644, it was taken and ransacked by Royalist troops after the Battle of Aberdeen, and two years later it was stormed by a Royalist force under the command of the Marquis of Huntly. Further, in 1647 an outbreak of bubonic plague killed a quarter of the population. In the 18th century, a new Town Hall was built, and the first social services appeared with the Infirmary at Woolmanhill in 1742 and the Lunatic Asylum in 1779. The council began significant road improvements at the end of the 18th century with the main thoroughfares of George Street, King Street and Union Street all completed at the beginning of the 19th century.

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